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                                              FAMILY  TREE GIFT CERTIFICATES

Looking for family tree gift ideas? My family tree gift certificates make an excellent present  for a family Member for a Birthday, Marriage or Anniversary. It makes for a wonderful surprise and is much easier to supply this than try to carry out the research in secret where mistakes can be made without the vital information the person may hold. 

Mine are now available and can be brought for anything from £50 for a  sample family tree right  upto £500 for a full on family tree research package or any amount in between to put down as a deposit .

To order just go to the contact page to find more details on any family tree research package.

image of a family tree gift certificate

How pleased we are that we found Fledgling Family Tree Services to discover our history for us.(No royalty or super heros for us, just  very hard working people.  We now realise all the more just how lucky we are to live the lives that we lead.

The service we received from( Keith) Mr Newman he became Keith after just a few telephone calls,was second to none. He kept us fully informed on everything he was doing always checking to see if we wanted to spend any more on certificates etc.  The finished articles when they came were in ring folders so that we or our future generations could add as things came along.

We chose to have two separate folders for our scrolls (one for each side of our families) as they are so large.

We have now recommended Keith several times.

Thank you so much Keith.

Ian & Anne Evans