Here at Fledgling Family Tree Services family history is my passion! 

Being a professional family tree researcher I take great care in the search for your family history and in the lives of  your ancestors looking for as much detail as I can to produce a family tree for you guiding you through where your ancestors once lived, loved, worked and died!

With genealogy now becoming  more and more popular with millions of people now interested in their family history and like me get hooked and spend literally hundreds if not thousands of hours staring at a computer screen sifting through birth, marriage, death and census records putting together all the clues to put together a family tree.

Researching family trees can be a highly rewarding experience although it can also be very frustrating,  expensive and time consuming and many people just don't have the time, or indeed the patience, to do the research.  

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Wheather you just need help with your family tree or would like me to do a complete family tree research package then please contact me and maybe I can help. Being subscribed to all the major genealogy sites and several local history society's around the country I have all the tools required to produce for you a professional family tree spanning the generations. 

                        FIND YOUR ANCESTORS

I can research and produce a family tree going back to the early 1800`s, maybe earlier if records allow , on as many branches of your family tree as I can and even deduct 5% off the final bill for any male line I fail to get back to the 1820`s! 

The final package comes in a A4 presentation folder complete with a pedigree chart, narrative report, family group sheets complete with as many census returns as I can find from 1841-1911, a relationship report and a full professionally printed family tree scroll perfect for viewing the entire tree at a glance.



image of a war record
image of family tree research package



                SAMPLE FAMILY TREE


I now offer a service where for just £50 I will spend about 2 weeks researching your family's history producing a simple basic family tree based on your direct bloodline.

The final research package will come in a A4 binder and will include a few fully transcribed census records giving you an idea of where your Ancestors lived, worked and died.

When It`s finished you can perhaps use it as a starting point in your own family tree research or if you prefer you could instruct me to produce a full family tree for you and the £50 will be deducted from the price of a full package.

Also available are Gift certificates which can be used for for a gift from anything from a £50 tree right up to £500 for a full tree or anything in between!


image of a family tree gift certificate



PHONE:  01275871756

MOBILE: 07847509424

 An excellent service from Keith Newman. If anyone would like information regarding their family tree this is the man to use. Highly professional.

John George

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